P31 Fitness Class Registration and Session Dates
(Sessions are 4 weeks in length)
  • December Session: November 26th - December 21st
    • Off week (company wide):  December 24th - December 29th​​
  • New Year's 1 week Blast (5 days straight): December 31st - January 4th
    • New Year's BLAST is a FAMILY WEEK  Husband and kids ages 8+ welcome!​​
  • January Session: January 7th - February 1st
    • ​January is focused on nutrition.  "Power your year" 
  • February Session: February 4th - March 1st
  • Classes sessions continue year round!


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P31 Fitness is a health journey to help you in ALL parts of health. There is no such thing as a quick fix!  We welcome you to our program with open arms!


    Additional Registration Information:

    • This form is not optimized for an iPad, please use another device to register.
    • NEW members all pay a one time $31 new member fee during their first 4 week full session.  They receive a new member kit in the mail.  ** The New Member fee is not added to the New Year's Blast.  When you register for the January session please pick "new" even if you did the New Year's Blast.
    • All members pay a $3 Experience Fee each month.  A processing fee providing access to daily tools, devotionals, nutritional tips, 10% off in our store & more!
    • Most of our classes have monthly automatic payment & registration. This is NOT a contract & can be changed or cancelled easily.  Additional details are below.
    • Safety is our top priority! Please list all medical information below and agree to our terms and liability. You are working out at your own risk. If you have updates to your medical information, email your trainer and we will add it to your file.
    • Girls between the ages of 10 and 18 are half price!  
    • Refunds/Credits are only issued in the case of an injury.

    If P31 Fitness is not yet in your town, 

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    Cost if selecting more than one class for the month
    All members are charged a $3 Experience Fee on every session except the one week New Year's Blast. This is a required processing fee that gives our members access to daily tools, devotionals, nutritional tips, 10% off in our store, and much more.

    All of our classes are valued at ONLY $5 a day and paid in full monthly by selecting the class. Every participant in our program is on a monthly automatic payment and registration. This is NOT a contract. This can be changed or cancelled by emailing us by the 20th (calendar day) of the month prior to the session you need to adjust. The automatic payment will occur 2 days prior to the start of each session. This means that you do not have to register each month for your classes, but will be automatically added to the class roster and have access to our tools. If you do not email by the 20th, your normal payment will run for that following month.

    Please note: This auto payment and registration will not begin with the New Year's Blast, but with the start of the 4 week January session. Therefore, you must register for New Year's blast single week AND for the January session. Once registered in January, you will not need to register again in February.